Tim Berne | Matt Mitchell

Tim Berne | Matt Mitchell

Tim Berne on alto saxophone and  Matt Mitchell on piano will present latest work in Duo, Angel Dusk. This is very interesting duet album continuing a collaboration of several years.



This is a very interesting duet album featuring Tim Berne on alto saxophone and Matt Mitchell on piano, continuing a collaboration of several years which has seen Mitchell perform in Berne’s groups and record an album of the saxophonists compositions for solo piano. This album has them collaborating as equals, starting with “Perception/Reception” during which the phrases the two musicians develop slowly and engage one another, building forth as raw and exciting saxophone and crystallize droplets of piano, coalescing in a rending, yearning improvisation as Berne’s saxophone moves from light to darkness dramatically and the music grows organically in a near suite like formation. This is followed by the short and very sweet “Not Too Two” which blasts out of gate fast and furious with low piano chords supporting the strong saxophone, turning this into a powerful collective improvisation, one that doesn’t letup as they race for the finish line in an exciting and vital fashion. “Exception/Pest” expands an open ended and spacious yearning feel in which the musicians weave a story that gradually gathers pace, beginning with rounded melodic material, moving mysterious eddies of sound. The music comes into focus as a powerful duo improvisation as thrilling ripe squeals of saxophone combined with compelling piano chords. Pinched saxophone in a solo configuration sets the tone for “Conception” as Mitchell’s spare piano frames the expressive reed playing, going more deeply engaged as the music develops. The music grows faster on “Starfish Blues” where deeply hewn chords of piano meeting unfettered saxophone playing in a very appealing fashion, pulling together with a great force of effort. “Chance” is lighter and more open, with the piano breaking through like rays of sunlight, which builds a gentle glow that pervades the piece. They come together and increase the music’s heft to a powerhouse conclusion. “Snail’s Pace” has an atmospheric spare sound to the piano, soon joined by stark saxophone as the music becomes edgy and restless, developing acute angles that keep the the improvisation fresh and interesting. The music reflects as if off of a funhouse mirror, raw and scouring saxophone glinting off of ripe piano playing. The album concludes with “Petulance” where the musicians develop a rippling and muscular interplay, interacting in a nimble fashion, flexing their musical knowledge in a riveting performance that really moves the air. Berne and Mitchell are inspired throughout this album with the taut saxophone and colorful piano making for an inspired match. There is a great devotion to the music that is captivating to hear and makes this a must-hear for fans of progressive jazz.

Music and More – Monday, May 14 2018