Marco Colonna e Matias Guerra


Rayuela is formed by Marco Colonna and Matias Guerra.
The aim of the project is to put together diverse mechanisms of perception and understanding,
using sound and video to mix experimental linguistic elements with more established forms, in
sessions that try to put in discussion the limits and boundaries of canonized experimentation – of an
improvised music set for example – aiming to present both artists’ different researches and topics
as they currently are, in a dance between conflict and cohesion and inline with a few spontaneous
set of guidelines.

Marco Colonna Clarinets
Matias Guerra Electric guitar and video


Marco Colonna |Clarinetist, improviser.
Plays a range from folk to contemporary music giving preference to improvised music forms.
He has played and recorded with Evan Parker, Agusti Fernandez, Omar Tamez, Andrew Cyrille, Marc
Ribot, Butch Morris, Roberto Ottaviano and many others.
Always interested in the admixture of languages he creates with director Leonardo Carrano the experimental movie “Jazz for a Massacre”. Has recorded with Leo Records, Slam, Dodici Lune, Alfa Music, Setola di Maiale, Brigadisco, 28records, Not Two, HoaxHobo.
Nominated by the Musica Jazz magazine amongst the first 10 best italian musicans.

Matias Guerra | Visual artist and musician.
Experiments with video and sound, focusing mainly on the relation between art, technology and the human being. Has active collaborations with authors, artists and musicians like Pino Bertelli, Robert Cahen, Toni D’Angela, Agostino Di Scipio, Alessandro De Francesco, Massimiliano Viel, Paolo Gaiba Riva, Elena Kakaliagou, to name some.
As a musician he performs mainly in improvised formations or in solo with guitar and laptop
PureData. With Centro Culturale La Camera Verde of Roma has published books, artist editions
and organizes exhibitions and events.
He also hosts events in his small studio-Studio Guerra- currently one of the few venues for
experimental and improvised music in Milan.