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Louis Aguirre (*1968)
Songs under a Snow of Ashes (2019)

Hans Abrahamsen
Kharon for solo trombone (2009)
I Dialogue with the Shades of the Dead
II Dialogue with the Waves of the River
III Hades 

Georges Aperghis (*1945)
Récitations no 8 / 9 (1978, solo voice) 

Beat Furrer (*1954)
Spazio Immergente I (2015) 

Georges Aperghis
Ruinen for solo trombone (1994) 



Anguish: Religious-Ritual Impulses is a mixed programme of works presented by the rather unusual Duo Voice + Trombone where the spirituals spaces are common elements. A very carefully selected programme, the research for the spirituality is shown as the origin of a creative impulse that diversifies into enigmatic landscapes such as underworlds or the apocalypse. It is in the piece dedicated to Duo Voice + Trombone by Cuban composer Louis Aguirre where this impulse takes the religious shed with his songbook “Songs under a Snow of Ashes”. The ritual is just a scenic demonstration of the intrinsic religiosity to the nature of art. Songs under a Snow of Ashes by Louis Aguirre is a songbook based on texts by Mallarmé, Basho, Rumi and some anonymous Afro-Cuban prayers. Aguirre writes for soprano and trombone using extended techniques and looking for special sonorities. The Cuban composer lives in Denmark from exile.

Hans Abrahamsen also comes from 
Denmark. For this Danish composer, the trombone is a figure that symbolize the transition between our world and the underworld. 

Récitations by Georges Aperghis was a commission by Festival d ́Avignon in 1982. Each recitation is a theater itself that paintbrushes the humanity in a plural way. Aperghis uses both the language and whisperings to explore the limits of human comprehension. As in his solo work for trombone Ruinen, these pieces are generally so twisted that demand a rather high level of attention from the listener (stories may emerge and suddenly are rejected without explanation). Ruinen was written for Vinko Globokar in a commission by Berliner Festtpiele in 1994. Spoken texts, special use of linguistic fragments and specific theater elements are seeing on his compositions. 

Spazio Immergente was a commission from Mozarteum festival ́s Dialogues, where Beat Furrer was composer in residency in 2015. This creative dialogue between the soprano and the trombone is one of the mainstream works for this unusual format. The duo follows the thinking of Lucretio with his didactic poem “Dē rērum natūra” or On the Nature of Things. It contains an apocalyptic vision of life and it is also the starting point to a sound display in different directions.


Viviane Hasler – Antonio Jimenez Marin

Duo Voice + Trombone (Viviane Hasler – soprano and Antonio Jiménez Marín – trombone) specializes in the performance of contemporary music. We are active collaborators with young and established composers and have performed together throughout Europe, including appearances in Austria, Switzerland, and Spain. Since there are not so many existing compositions for a voice-trombone-duo, we also include solo pieces in our programmes.

The trombonist Antonio Jiménez-Marín is engaged in exploring and extending the boundaries of his instrument. His activities span across solo recitals, lectures, improvisations, ensemble music and as a chamber musician to various formations. Born in 1989 in Spain, Antonio Jiménez Marín studied trombone in Granada, Glasgow, Frankfurt and Basel. In 2017 Antonio received the „Master of Arts for Specialized Performance of Contemporary Music” at the Basel Musikakademie with distinction, where he studied with Mike Svoboda. Antonio Jiménez-Marín is a member of les trombones du bâle (Basel), Glasgow New Music Expedition, Black Page Orchestra (Vienna), zone expérimentale alumni (Basel) and Lucerne Festival Academy Alumni. Antonio regularly works with the leading New Music ensembles, including Ensemble Modern, Collegium Novum Zürich and Klangforum Wien. 

Viviane Hasler studied classical singing in Lucerne (CH) with Prof. Liliane Zürcher. Already during her studies she started organizing projects with other young musicians and artists, later she co-founded Ensemble Lunaire and Dornbusch Quintett and is now co-director of NEON Ensemble. As an enthusiastic performer of contemporary music, she premiered pieces by Samuel Langmeier, Anda Kryeziu, Rafael Baier, Victor Alexandru Coltea, Grzegorz Mackiewicz, Rakhat-Bi Abdyssagin, Edward Rushton and Léo Collin. She participated in Impuls Academy in Graz (2015/2017) and at the 2018 Darmstadt Summer Course. 

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