Houle – Grdina 20 Sett 2021 ore 19:00 con la partecipazione di Marco Colonna


Long time collaborators François Houle and Gordon Grdina bring together a mesmerizing range of musical experience that transcend boundaries and styles. The two virtuosos tap seamlessly into world traditions, avant-jazz, western classical music and free improvisation to weave together a dynamic and highly original musical tapestry.


François Houle

“a spectacularly versatile clarinetist who appears to have no limitations mstylistically or sonically”

—Mark Swed, LA Times

François Houle’s impassioned clarinet performances reveal a highly original artistic voice. His uncanny ability to hop between musical genres with characteristic aplomb and vitality makes him one of the most distinctive and versatile clarinetist of his generation. Inspired by collaborations with the world’s top musical innovators, François has developed a unique improvisational language, virtuosic and rich with sonic embellishment and technical extensions. His extensive touring has led to solo appearances at major festivals across Canada, the United States, Europe and
Australia. A prolific recording artist, he has released over twenty recordings as a leader, earning multiple prestigious Awards.


Gordon Grdina

“Gordon Grdina Makes Music that is Important for Humanity.”

— Eyal Hareuveni,

Gordon Grdina is a JUNO Award (Canadian Grammy) winning oud/guitarist whose career has spanned continents, decades and constant genre exploration throughout avant-garde jazz, free form improvisation, contemporary indie rock and Arabic. His singular approach to the instruments has earned him recognition from the highest ranks of the jazz/improv world.

Grdina has performed and collaborated with a wide array of field-leading artists including Gary Peacock, Paul Motion, Marc Ribot, Mark Helias, Mats Gustafsson, Hank Roberts, Mark Feldman, Eyvind Kang, Colin Stetson, Mat Maneri, Christian Lilinger, Matt Mitchell, & Jim Black.


*Per accedere al concerto, sarà necessario presentare il proprio Green Pass – Certificazione verde COVID-19 – unitamente al documento d’identità.


Per partecipare al concerto, scrivici alla mail info@salottoinprova.it


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