Hilde Holsen | Solo

Hilde Holsen | Solo

Composizioni originali per Tromba ed Elettronica


Norwegian Hilde Marie Holsen has carved out something very particular and niche in music. Processing her trumpet in the electronic realm, she blends the mournful tone of the brass instrument with the explorative field of electronic music to make music that lists somewhere between jazz, the contemporary and drone music. Holsen’s music has unpicked the frayed boundaries of traditions, calling in a new generation of artists that abandoned stale and repetitive conventions in favour of establishing something unique, in the realms of contemporary music.

Holsen’s debut album «Ask» was released on the Norwegian label Hubro in 2015, and hit the shelves with critical acclaim from amongst others The Guardian, The Wire and The Quietus.
Since then, she’s gone on to perform on a number of world stages, both as a solo artist and in collaboration with other musicians, while also continuing her work in the recorded field. In 2018, Holsen followed up with her second solo album, «Lazuli», also released on Hubro, and was claimed to be «an almost shockingly complete musical statement». In 2019 Holsen finished a commissioned piece for inaGRM in Paris. She’s also to be found in the quartet Silent Fires w/Alessandro Sgobbio, Håkon Aase and Karoline Wallace, and in the duo Bilayer, who released their debut album in 2019.

«The end result is music that is uniquely individual and highly distinctive. Forget any comparisons, Holsen is without parallel. Even more so than Ask did, Lazuli signals the arrival of a bright new star.

– John Eyles, AllAboutJazz

«These pieces sound as if they have developed a life of their own, a tangible entity. Their strong, enigmatic qualities embrace alien elements and sounds, moving organically between deep meditation, through troubled dream-states to colorful sci-fi visions. (…) Highly impressive.»

– Eyal Hareuveni, Salt Peanuts

«Colori stratificati con grazia, che suggestionano con richiami lontani a riflettersi sullo sfondo, ma allo stesso tempo inquietano nel saper disegnare flutti interiori e paesaggi tormentati. Una poetica che riesce a lambire sentimenti anche profondi, senza esasperarne l’impatto, ma trovando invece un equilibrio non facile per esprimerne sia la dolcezza dei bagliori che la malinconia dei colori scuri, fino alla consistenza del turbamento. Piuttosto piacevole.»

– Massimo Onza, Sodapop

Cover Photo | Kjetil Husebø
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